TRIXIE 39338 Алюминиевый ящик для перевозки собак


Информация о продукте:

This product is a panel-based structure with various components such as side panels, base, top, fitted mat, front panel, protective caps, and screws. It is designed for assembly and installation purposes. Product Usage Instructions:

  1. Start by identifying the different components mentioned in the user manual.
  2. Begin with the assembly of the side panels. The right side panel is labeled as “Seitenwand, rechts,” and the left side panel is labeled as “Seitenwand, links.” Attach these panels to the base using the provided screws.
  3. Proceed to assemble the top panel. It is referred to as “Dach” in the manual. Position it on top of the side panels and secure it in place with screws.
  4. Install the fitted mat, also known as “Einlegematte,” onto the base of the structure. This mat provides added support and stability.
  5. Attach the front panel, labeled as “Frontpanel,” to the front of the structure using screws. Ensure it is securely fastened.
  6. Complete the assembly by placing the protective caps, labeled as “Schutzkappe,” on the top and bottom sections of the structure.
    These caps help protect the internal components and provide a finished look.
  7. Follow the provided illustrations and diagrams for proper placement and alignment of all components.
  8. Use the screws, labeled as “Schraube,” to secure the different components together. Make sure to tighten them adequately but avoid over-tightening.
  9. Refer to the user manual for any additional instructions or specific guidelines related to your product model.
  10. Once assembled, ensure that all parts are securely in place before using or moving the product.
  11. Follow any additional instructions for maintenance, cleaning, or disassembly if required.

Примечание: The user manual may contain more detailed instructions and safety precautions that should be followed carefully during assembly and product usage.



1 Боковая панель правая TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-1 1 × 39338-13
2 Боковая панель, левая TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-2 1 × 39338-12
3 Двери TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-3 1 × 39338-15
4 Система исчисления TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-4 1 × 39338-10
5 Топовое TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-5 1 × 39338-14
6 Задняя панель TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-6 1 × 39338-11
7 Приталенный коврик TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-7     1 × 39338-01
8 Передняя панель TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-8   1 × 39338-16
9 Стержень, задняя панель profileг стержень TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-9 1 × 39338-17
10 Стержень, верхняя часть спины TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-10 1 × 39338-18
11 Стержень, нижняя часть спины TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-10 1 × 39338-19
12 Тяга, верхняя передняя TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-11 1 × 39338-20
13 Тяга, нижняя передняя TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-12 1 × 39338-21
Защита когтей
14 Дверная стойка TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-13 1 × 39338-22
A Защитный колпачок, верх. TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-15 4 ×  






B  Защитный колпачок снизу TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-14  


4 ×

 C Вис TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-16 8 ×
D Металлический штифт для двери TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-17 2 × 3934-63
 E Гайка для металлического штифта TRIXIE-39338-Aluminium-Transport-Box-for-Dogs-18 2 ×











Если боковую панель не удается надеть, ослабьте винты этого элемента, предварительно закрепленные на углах.


Документы / Ресурсы

TRIXIE 39338 Алюминиевый ящик для перевозки собак [pdf] Инструкции
39338 Алюминиевый транспортный ящик для собак, 39338, Алюминиевый транспортный ящик для собак, Транспортный ящик, Коробка


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